The Pop Scribe 10

In just 1 week the pop gods have blessed us with yet another stellar selection of killer pop. This week’s edition of The Pop Scribe 10 is all about newness, featuring a host of fresh new talent (for me, anyway) mixed amongst some old favourites. In case it wasn’t already obvious, this week is also the week of the mercurial, magnificent and downright MAGICAL Goldfrapp. Their new album Silver Eye is everything and more you can imagine from the Frapp returning to electropop in 2017 – thank the lawd.

The third edition of The Pop Scribe 10 includes:

  • 2 slices of Goldfrapp in earth-shattering electro mode
  • Becky Hill serving us VOCALS…and then some more vocals
  • The angelic cupcakKe blending sax with sass
  • Bleachers with an 80s pop anthem Brandon Flowers would kill for
  • Sofi de la Torre finding the melancholy in money
  • Calvin Harris bringing the heat with Young Thug, Pharrell AND Ariana (!)
  • Tei Shi soaring through sweet, shimmery pop
  • The Saturdays’ Vanessa White stepping convincingly towards solo stardom
  • Janine saying a spectacular NO to love



5 reasons why Number 1 Angel pushed pop forward in 2017


Praise be! Last Friday marked the release of untouchable pop artiste Charli XCX’s third mixtape Number 1 Angel and, after a weekend of debauchery soundtracked by said mixtape, I think it’s about time I threw in my two cents on why this is such an important release in the world of pop.

Apols in advance this is titled and reads like a Buzzfeed article!

1. The PC Music sweet spot

For a couple of years now PC Music has steadily been infiltrating the mainstream: the mysterious Sophie worked on Madonna’s deliciously trashy Bitch I’m Madonna, while Danny L Harle teamed up with Carly Slay Jepsen for the effervescent Supernatural. However, Charli has been one of the only mainstream pop artists to fully embrace the PC Music sound. Number 1 Angel feels like the perfect crossover moment where current pop trends collide with PC Music’s plastic, electro-experimentalism. Trendsetting? This is pop of the future.


2. Girl Power

Starrah, Raye, MØ, Uffie, Abra, cupcakKe…


…you only have to read the featured artists on Number 1 Angel  to understand Charli’s love and support for innovative and daring females in music. This guest lineup showcases female talent past, present and future, celebrating ladies in music who’ve firmly carved out their own lanes. From start to finish, Number 1 Angel presents us with a real sense of authentic female collaboration in the name of great pop music.


No, sadly the world wasn’t quite ready for a Jeppo and XCX collab (although, note the pic below!!) but one thing the pair do share is an ability to shape brilliant pop songs around the emotional highs and lows of L.O.V.E. While Number 1 Angel is laden with club-ready bops it also shows off Charli’s softer side, pairing dynamic pop production with lyrics that feel like they’ve been beamed straight from the XCX diary.


4. Lipgloss. Lipgloss. Lipgloss.


Oh, and cupcakKe.

5. “XCX, Charli!”

Remember when Missy proclaimed “This is a Missy Elliott exclusive” or Jason cried “Jason De-rulooo”!? Charli has now adopted her very own tag line and, you know what, it works. 5 out of the 10 tracks on Number 1 Angel feature the “eh-eh-XCX” or “XCX, Charli” tags, announcing the arrival of brand Charli: popstar supreme.


Check out the mastery of Number 1 Angel for yourself and let me know what you think:


The Pop Scribe 10


It has been a truly mammoth week for pop: Steps reunited in spectacular form; Charli XCX dropped a 10-track mixtape/opus; Nicki Minaj appeared out of nowhere with 3 brand new tracks, ranging from standard to stunning …and that’s not even the half of it.

In the spirit of that ‘#FridayFeeling’ and because there are just too many great new pop tracks this week to remain unheard, I’ve compiled a 10-track playlist known as ‘The Pop Scribe 10’. The playlist collects my favourite pop cuts from the past week and will be updated weekly, bi-weekly or maybe even monthly depending on the state of things in Pop Land. The playlist isn’t in order of best to second best, but you can usually assume that the first track is a veritable masterpiece. I’m also a strong believer in playlists sequenced like albums, meaning STAY OFF THAT SHUFFLE button and enjoy the shift in tone and atmosphere. (You can, of course, enjoy the music however you please – it’s fine.)

The first ever Pop Scribe 10 includes: 

  • 3 appearances from Charli XCX in pop domination-mode
  • Steps well and truly pulling it out of the bag
  • ionnalee stepping out of the mystery of iam and into banger territory
  • A thrillingly dark and gnarly slice of new Goldfrapp
  • Louisa Johnson on her best behaviour, but also very much not.
  • Reflective, wooziness from Nicki Minaj
  • Lorde: the balladeer
  • Little Dragon channeling the sweeter side of the 90s