The Pop Scribe 10

2 weeks in the making, the fourth edition of The Pop Scribe 10 is a dizzy concoction of pop from around the globe. The world may seem to be on the brink of collapse, but this week’s playlist shows a united pop front with cuts from Portugal, Colombia, Venezuela, Norway, Sweden and the usual suspects: the US and the UK. All in all, it’s been a funny two weeks in pop with some high-profile disappointments (I’m looking at you Harry Styles/Noah Cyrus) and some low-key brilliant returns (TLC/Michelle Branch). Here’s hoping we are graced with more pop goodness over the next few weeks e.g. if a certain Ms. Perry would like to make her fully-fledged return that would be just great.

The fourth edition of The Pop Scribe 10 includes:

  • Grace Mitchelgiving us a masterclass in pop euphoria
  • RAC teaming up with former Vampire Weekend-er Rostam 
  • Latin pop queen Shakira reminding us of her love for mojitos
  • Electro experimentalist Arca flexing his pop muscles to stunning effect
  • Astrid S gliding through ethereal pop with sharp edges
  • Little Dragon exploring the life of pop through an 80s filter
  • The long-anticipated return of TLC in charming nostalgia-mode
  • Michelle Branch repositioning herself as an indie pop darling
  • Kate Nash hitting the sweet spot between her pop and DIY roots
  • Steps dipping their toes into the world of EDM



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