Anymore: a lesson in edging


‘I can’t wait, I can’t wait anymore’ – Alison Goldfrapp’s husky plea on the first taste of the duo’s seventh album Silver Eye is the perfect summation of how it feels to be a fan perched on the cusp of a new Goldfrapp era. Just a few days ago I was listening to Jacques Lu Cont’s hypnotic ‘Conversion Perversion’ remix of Twist and wondered if the Frapp would ever return to the scuzzy/slinky electropop first introduced on their (superb) second album Black Cherry. This got me thinking back to a school project I produced on that very album, in which teenage me had to decide whether it was appropriate to include said raunchy album art in the project:


A simpler time.

Anyway, teenage me would be delighted to hear that, as metamorphoses go, the Frapp’s new single Anymore is a delightfully chunky and enticing indication that Alison and Will have returned to their electronic roots. While the March 31st release date of the new album feels just that little bit out of reach, Anymore edges us a tiny bit closer to the sound of Goldfrapp getting their bite back. Alison’s always been a tease, but this time she’s got us begging for more.

Have a listen to the single below:


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